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PT.Global Indo Digdaya in an International Agarwood/Gaharu/Oud/Oudh/Chen Xiang supplier and distributor Company. Our main market is Mid east countries, East Asian Countries, China, Taiwan, Korea etc.

PT.Global Indo Digdaya supplying best quality agarwood to International market and now is growing with more loyal customers.

PT.Global Indo Digdaya can supply many types of Agarwood/Gaharu, from Agarwood Chips, Agarwood Logs for carving, Agarwood for decoration, Agarwood Sinking, Agarwoo Kamedangan or Gaharu kamedangan, Agarwood Oil etc.

Contact us now to get best price on Agarwood.

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Mustaji (CEO/Founder)



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WhatsApp : +62857-6639-6781
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