Raw Material Bukhoor Suppliers

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are an International Agarwood suppliers from Indonesia.
Our stocks from Indonesia forest, agarwood Borneo,agarwood sulawesi,Agarwood Papua Jayapura,
Kalimantan agarwood (malino and pontianak agarwood ), moroki asgon agarwood.
which already High quality of Agarwood Natural and wild wood.
If you’re looking for Best quality and Best price Agarwood, Gaharu or Oud.
Please checkout our stock and don’t hesitate to contact for more information.


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Oud (agarwood, aloe wood, eagle wood, gaharu) is formed in a tropical evergreen tree called Agarwood tree (Aquilaria species) which is believed to have originated from indonesia forest




Best Regards,
Agarwoods Supplier

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